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How to not loose your mind whilst search for a Job

I have been at home since May now. I still struggle with the term unemployed, even though I technically have no employment at the moment. I have been looking for a new Job for a bit over two months now, and there have been good and bad times. So I thought I would share my experience with you. Be kind to yourself First, and most important, be kind to yourself. Take the time you need, before you dive into sending out applications. It can be quite though sometimes to deal with the neglection you may get, or even thougher facing a HR associate questioning you about your CV, motivation and so on. So be kind to yourself, in ways you can be. Threat yourself for every step you took on the way to your new Job. It is a big process, it needs courage and a lot of willpower. Be aware that many employees stay unhappy in their current positions just because they are afraid of the change. If you already are looking for a new Job, you show more self-esteem then most of them have. Appreciate yourself

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